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The probability of injuring a tooth without an individual mouth- guard is 60 times greater than if you are wearing one. 95% of all tooth injuries occur in young people aged under 21 years.
Reducing Concussion

ABoil + Bite mouth-guard (self moulded) creates a false feeling of protection, because there is a dramatic reduction in thickness during adaptation.
safetydent medium
1st soft layer: 2.0 mm
2ndsoft layer: 1.5 mm

With its solid and precise fit, a custom-made safetydent mouth- guard lasts 10 times longer than a Boil + Bite mouth-guard, which is exposed to much higher masticatory loading due to slipping.

A study of American football shows that when a mouth-guard is worn, only 0.07% of all injuries occur in the mouth region. In basketball on the other hand, where mouth-guards are not worn, 34% of all injuries occur in the region of the mouth and teeth.
safetydent forte
1st soft layer: ca. 2mm
2ndsoft layer: ca 0.7mm
3st soft layer: ca. 1.5mm
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A May 1999 press release by Cologne University shows the advantages of a 3-layered mouth-guard.
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