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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about mouth-guards.

Question: Will my insurance company accept the costs of a mouth-guard?

Answer: There are accident insurers who will bear some of the costs.

Question: Why should I buy a custom-made mouth-guard when I can buy an all-purpose mouth-guard in a department store for a much lower price?

Answer: When we compare custom-made mouth-guards with the “boil & bite” kind, significant differences become evident. The safetydent mouth-guard fits precisely to your row of teeth, does not move and does not impair speaking or breathing. All-purpose mouth-guards have a poor fit and move around, which limits their protection, comfort and durability.

Question: Why did my dentist tell me that a good professional mouth-guard would cost sFr. 500, while yours are much cheaper?

Answer: Because we orientate our infrastructure and logistics to making mouth-guards and can therefore lower our price with the amount of orders we get

Question: How much does it cost me to have an impression taken by a dentist?

Answer: Somewhere between sFr. 80 and sFr. 120, not including delivery and the final check.





Athletes rely on safety dent
Many famous athletes such as Victoria Huber (World Karate Champion) protect their teeth with a mouth guard of safety dent.
Protect your children!
Every third to fourth child has 16 to his Age suffered a tooth accident.

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