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Dentist:   It takes 3 steps to get a safetydent mouth-guard


1. Take an      impression

of the maxilla and mandible with alginate: Maxillary anterior vestibule well filled. Wall thickness min 2mm (moist packaging). Polyether rubber, silicones etc. are excellent for this. Patients with prognathism should wear the mouth-guard in their mandible.


2. Express Mail

Send to us via  Express Mail with the Pre-order form. "Pre-order".

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Impression unsatisfactory

3. Delivery

After 8 business days, you will receive the mouth-guard you want.

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Impression good

Casting in the surgery is incorrect

Maxillary models made from soft plaster are insufficient, so we make a duplicate model.   (see Prices)

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Final Check:

Is a free mucous flow ensured when playing sport by the band gaps in the mouth-guard?Is the new occlusal plane pleasant for the patient and contact with the antagonists regular? Can the patient speak after brief adaptation (must communicate a bit louder)? Does the mouth-guard close on the palatal area ?


We look forward to providing reliable and professional service when you make your next mouth-guard order.


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