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Dental Technicians:   It takes 3 steps to get a safetydent mouth-guard
1. Model     Fabrication
Maxilla: High-strength dental stone Mandible: Counter-bite model made from dental stone.

2. Express Mail

Send to us via  Express Mail with the Pre-order form.
Impression unsatisfactory

3. Delivery

After 8 business days, you will receive the mouth-guard you want.
Impression good

Do not mount in an articulator, and do not send us any articulators.
We process each maxillary working model (see Prices)
We only require the row of teeth with gingivobuccal fold (picture)
We look forward to providing reliable and professional service when you make your next mouth-guard order.
Stephan Müller
Kreuzstrasse 4
CH-3052 Zollikofen (BE)
E-Mail: info@zahnschutz.ch