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safetydent – The Ultimate Mouth Guard for Your Teeth

safetydent – the custom-made mouth guard protects your teeth, gums, lips, jaw and joints, absorbs impacts and reduces concussion.
It fits so well that you can talk, drink and breathe with no trouble at all.
Advantages of safetydent
• Precise fit; doesn't interfere with speech or breathing
• 2 thicknesses for all types of sport
• Available in many colours, complete with a personalised box

Optimal Protection for Any Type of Sport
To provide the right protection for your type of sport, there are 2 thicknesses for children, adolescents, amateurs and professionals to choose from.

• safetydent medium,  2 Laminations (Layers)
• safetydent forte,       3 Laminations (Layers)
TheTypes of Sport page will help you choose the right thickness.

The custom-made safetydent mouth-guard is manufactured from high-quality biocompatible EVA material by the companies Dreve, Erkodent and Scheu. Tests performed by Heidelberg University have clearly demonstrated that this material is non-toxic, non-mutagenic and does not irritate the mucosa.

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Care Instructions
Please rinse the safetydent mouth-guard under running water with liquid soap.
Do not brush!
Briefly drain and place back in the storage box.

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